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Fat Loss and Nutrition

Tired of starving yourself to lose weight? This is the number one problem I see with new clients. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. By not eating enough calories your body will go into what’s called “survival mode”, where it will begin to lose muscle during a deprivation or starvation period. So while you do lose some weight, the majority of it is muscle and water weight. By losing muscle during this process you are simply slowing down your metabolism. Why does this happen? The reason why yo-yo diets cause people to eventually gain weight is simply that…
      • In the beginning on a super low calorie diet a person will lose muscle, water, and a little bit of fat.
      • After a period of 2 to 6 weeks they begin to feel deprived on their super low calorie diet.
      • After that time they begin eating again thereby gaining the weight back.

To their surprise they gained the weight back and a bit more. They get frustrated and start the yo-yo diet process again… Most importantly the reason why a person will gain back weight after the dieting period is that they have slowed down their own metabolism by losing muscle during the dieting period. Their body used their own muscle as a source of energy thereby slowing down their metabolism. Remember the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism, the less muscle you have the slower your metabolism. At Perfect Body Inc., we teach you how to work with your own metabolism to lose weight safely and permanently. We customize a diet program that is based on your body type, goals, and lifestyle. If you are interested in discussing your goals, feel free to call us at 310-720-8125. We will personally help you achieve your goals.

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