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Yes. We’ve helped thousands of people reach their best level of health in many years. Many clients have completely resolved their health conditions even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions. There are over 500 FDN health detectives in 30 countries helping thousands and thousands of people. Collective experience: Health Social Network FDN or Functional Diagnostic Nutrition was founded by Reed Davis. Every week Reed, our advisory board, and health practitioners review cases during our weekly conference calls. This collective experience and interaction between Reed Davis, the advisory board, and various FDN practitioners, provide a feedback loop for common protocols and testing for clientele. This is one of the primary reasons why functional nutrition is so effective. Through leveraged experience, Reed has created a health social network making our process more effective and efficient. Every week we share ideas thru weekly conference calls, coming up with the best possible protocols and testing for individual clients. This is far better than one doctor relying on personal experience when you compare the experience of Reed Davis, the advisory board, and 500 plus health practitioners sharing knowledge and information. This type of health social networking or collaboration makes us the best at what we do. Symptoms vs. Causal Factors Our view of symptoms like joint pain, muscle pain, bad skin, gastric bloating and every other health complaint, is that they all have causal factors to be investigated. Even in tough cases, opportunities for physical repair, restoration and healing can be great and, in our mind, the opportunities to employ functional nutrition are equally abundant. On the other hand, masking a symptom allows the underlying condition to deteriorate, to get worse. Sometimes new symptoms will appear! Relief care is important, but if that’s all you receive then you may weaken and soon you’ll need stronger and stronger medication. Eventually, surgery may become necessary. Something we noticed a long time ago, once body parts are removed, they become quite difficult to restore to normal function! Detective Work Functional Nutrition is a type of detective work that seeks to identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to the clients’ health complaints. In that sense, functional nutrition is not diagnosing or treating any disease nor practicing medicine. Everything we do is science and evidence based. In essence we have reached a new standard of care. We use high quality functional lab testing to investigate underlying malfunctions of the:
  • adrenal glands
  • mucosal barrier
  • detoxification systems
  • metabolic processes
  • absorption and assimilation
  • immune and defense mechanisms
  • steroid hormone balance
Emergency Care We do not routinely deal with acute or heroic interventions. If someone is having an appendicitis attack, or is in the throes of passing a kidney stone, by all means they should head for the nearest emergency room. If they just got hit by a truck, someone should call a lawyer, err, we mean ambulance. The public we serve is made up of people with health complaints, who want to do something about it, and opt into our system in an arm’s length transaction under no duress. Or, there shouldn’t be any duress. We provide intelligent health care services, not attendant sickness care. Again, we don’t diagnose or treat disease, we do present opportunities for healing. The Outcome People need to know that we do not control the outcomes. The truth is, we can’t know the exact results each person will achieve because of the number of variables. We don’t use powerful drugs that artificially control blood pressure, for instance. Our natural therapies require time for the body to heal, to return to normal function. We trust that the body wants to return to homeostasis, good health, and every effort is made to assist it. We’re not saying we don’t expect good outcomes, we know they will occur. Clients understand that they must be disciplined enough to follow our recommendations, observe the outcome or response and report frequently. Together, we’ll “probe and analyze” as objectively as possible and make course corrections based on each client’s individual needs. In our experience with thousands of patients, this principle of functional nutrition cannot be overstated. Educating and Teaching Educating clients about how to get well and stay well is our paramount task. That means teaching them, not to ignore symptoms, but to realize their symptoms are only signals from the body that something is wrong. And, if the client will give us a chance to investigate, we may be able to determine what is really wrong. But, again, we do not control outcomes. Course corrections are part of the program. The step-by-step intake and acceptance method we use works very well. In most cases, clients are tired of chasing symptoms, and are willing to engage in a new process. Most already know, on a gut level, that they had to get to the root cause of the problem. So functional nutrition is music to clients ears. In every case, before we accept anyone as a client, they should know exactly how we’re going to help them, what they can and cannot expect. We are extremely confident in our ability to help almost every client. The secret to success should be evident. We’re here to help you. For more detailed information on our program, please review the following links: Ready to get started today? Call now for a free telephone consultation at 310-720-8125 or email us at

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