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Shawn is a certified Holistic Life Coach. This type of holistic approach focuses on detoxing, digestion, breathing, water intake, movement, nutrition, exercise, sleep, thoughts and meditation and as they relate to common goals such as fat loss, gaining muscle, body sculpting and enhanced energy and well being. Our scientific methods bridge the gap between East and West making fat loss a much easier and more efficient process. The best way to understand our process is to compare what we do to a computer software optimization program. Initially, your computer might be working or running slow, maybe you have too much spy ware or maybe the settings on your computer need to be changed. Then, when you purchase a software optimization program such as Norton or other software optimization programs, all of a sudden your computer is zipping through programs, opening and shutting down quickly, and surfing the web faster than ever. This is similar to our process – we help optimize your body so that it is easier to lose body fat and enhance well being and increase overall energy levels. While most western medical doctors focus on disease states, we look to move our clients from a sub-optimal state to an optimal state. This process of optimization is a vital component of the holistic lifestyle questionnaire and assessment.

It’s common practice to visit a doctor when you’re having a variety of symptoms. One issue that I’ve personally experienced in the past occurred when I had symptoms of fatigue and depression. After a full work up, doctors told me that I was healthy and that my lab work was normal. This was very frustrating. Doctors are trained to look for disease and if you do not have a disease they simply can’t help you. When doctors do try to help you, they will prescribe toxic drugs – this can lead to even more symptoms. After our assessment and analysis, we get our clients feeling their best through natural means.

In today’s fitness market, most trainers primarily focus on weight training and cardio to help clients lose weight. This non-integrated approach usually leads to a dead end which can be very frustrating for clients – especially when they are working so hard and getting very little results. Our integrated and holistic approach helps clients maximize their ability to lose fat and gain muscle. Also, other benefits are the elimination of many physical symptoms that occur on a day to day basis which include fatigue, insomnia, gas and bloating, skin problems, aches and pains, mental confusion or poor recall, and getting sick frequently.

The first step is an evaluation which we will determine your metabolic type. This simply means what is the best diet for you: is something similar to the Atkins diet type (high protein, low carbs) best for you, or the Zone diet type (medium carbs and protein), or Pritikins diet type (high carb and low protein). Each individual diet works well for some, but not others. The reason is that each one of us has a unique set of genes which dictates what kind of diet is best suited for us. For myself, I do better on a Zonish Diet, while some of my clients might do better on a high protein diet. We all have a unique set of genes and the metabolic type testing will help us determine the best diet for you.

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