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Change Your Body Change Your Life: Program Fee

Costs can vary depending on client’s needs, but can be broken up into 3 categories:

  • Lab Consutlations
  • Lab Testing
  • Nutritional Supplements

1. Lab Consultation

Lab consultations will cover all lab work plus a review of a 90 day supplement protocol. Call now to discuss our program and how it can help you: 310-720-8125.

To learn more about our process or what we cover in our first session, please click on the following link: “Our Process”

2. Lab Testing

The initial lab testing varies depending on a client’s symptoms. Costs will probably be less the 2nd and 3rd time you do testing.  In order to continue the investigation, testing can vary depending on the client’s health challenges.  Also, there could be follow up testing after the initial labs for certain clients.

I have clients pay for the tests directly to the testing facility.  Most doctors will mark up their tests anywhere from 20% to 50%. I don’t make any money off of testing – this is a great benefit to the client.  All clients pay the testing facility directly.  Labs are sent directly to the client’s home.   To learn more about testing, please click on the following link: “Lab Testing”

3. Nutritional Supplements

The targeted supplement protocol’s cost can vary depending on your lab results.  There are 4 or 5 reputable companies that we use that provide our clients with high quality nutritional supplements.  These supplements are very potent and effective and our before and after results are based on these nutritional supplements.  Unlike most doctors who charge for supplements, we have our clients set up an account and directly deal with these companies.

Investment vs. Costs

I think it is important to have the right frame of mind before starting this process.  The best way to look at this is an investment in oneself or an investment in your health.  Specifically, an investment in:

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • Productivity
  • Anti-aging

It is up to you how you financially view this process, but I think it would be a healthier outlook to view this as an investment.


We don’t take insurance and unfortunately most insurance will not cover the labs.  It is my opinion that insurance should be primarily used for emergencies and disease.  To learn more about the differences between the “medical model” and “functional nutrition”, please click here: “What is Functional Nutrition”

My Story

I’ve personally gone thru this process over the past 10 years and from this experience I have streamlined the process of healing.   After healing from my personal health challenges, it is almost as if some type of spell has been lifted.  To learn more about my story please click here: “My story”

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