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What is Functional Nutrition (Hypoglycemia, Allergies & Many More Health Challenges)?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is a method or a process to assess with lab testing the vitality of a client based on the following four parameters: immune function, digestion, detoxification, and hormones.  Functional Nutrition methodology optimizes these parameters for resolving physical problems such as Hypoglycemia, low energy by using nutrition, testing and targeted supplementation and then follow up testing. We help to indentify malfunctions within the body and then correct them.


“Nutritional Interpretation” vs. the “Medical Interpretation”

The nutritional interpretation primary focus is on optimization. The medical model’s primary focused is on disease state and treatment. We work within the reference ranges on lab testing looking to attain optimal labs, they work outside the reference range on lab testing looking to identify if a client is in a disease state or close to disease and then providing treatment.  We do not focus on treatment and symptoms, we focus on fixing malfunctions within the body that are the root cause of the problem.

This explains why a client could feel horrible, score within the reference range on their lab tests, but yet still be considered “normal” and healthy.  They are simply not in a disease state.  The medical model primary focus is on disease and treatment.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition emphasizes optimization within the reference range.  More importantly, functional nutrition focuses on getting to the root cause of the problem vs. the medical model focuses on treating symptoms. FDN is an effective methodology that optimizes digestion, detoxification, immune function, and hormones.  When these 4 parameters are optimized a client’s symptoms can begin to subside.  Simply put, the benefit to a client is to begin to feel great, sleep well, have lots of energy and mental clarity – look, feel and perform better!


My experience

I began down this path in 2001.  I’ve gone to both traditional doctors and alternative medical doctors.  My experience that I had with traditional medicine is that either they don’t believe in adrenal fatigue, they lack empathy, and/or they think it is psychosomatic.  In this case, they will refer you to a psychiatrist.

My experience with alternative medicine is that they don’t educate clients on nutrition, lifestyle coaching, the process of healing, the overall costs, and the time it takes to heal. More importantly, many of them will only treat symptoms.  Granted they treat symptoms with alternative natural remedies vs. drugs.  Nonetheless, many won’t get to the root cause of the problem. 

Another issue is that follow up support can get expensive. Just to ask a quick question, the doctor will want you to come in for a 15 minute consultation costing $80 to $100. I’ve had some success with alternative medicine, but overall it is mixed.  I felt like their programs were not thorough enough or lacked a sound systematic process.

As a nutritionist, our focus is on educating clients on “why” their body is malfunctioning and subsequently “how” to repair and heal the body.  Our naturopathic philosophy focuses on optimizing immune function, digestion, detoxification, and hormones.  When these systems are balanced, the body begins to return to state of vitality and symptoms begin to vanish. 

If you would like to learn more about comparing our services to other practitioners, please click on the following link: “Value Comparison Chart”.

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