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Who uses Functional Nutrition for Feeling Better (Sinuses, Lethargy, AF and Other Problems)?

Our program is not only for people who have severe adrenal fatigue, sinuses, lethargy etc, it is for everyone.  Everyone suffers from some form of adrenal fatigue with different levels of severity.  For example,

  • Why is “5 hour energy” or coffee so popular? 
  • Why are so many people in the work force grabbing for stimulants? 
  • Why is it that over the past 9 years I’ve trained over 300 plus clients and one of the top goals is “increase energy”? 


Times have changed – the American work force sleeps less and is expected to work more.  The new norm is one person does the work of two or three people.  This wasn’t’t always so.  The average person 100 years ago slept 9 to 11 hours a night.  Sleeping less and working more is a sign of the times.   I understand what it is like, I used to be that guy who didn’t sleep and worked all the time. In 1998, I worked for an investment bank and worked 10 or 11 hour days and would wake up around 4:30am during weekdays. It was brutal on my body and in the long run I paid for it. Slowly but surely, more and more symptoms started to pop up – fatigue, depression, hair loss, bad skin, anxiety, etc.

How did I get by?  When I worked in finance I used to take fat burners which were strong stimulants loaded with caffeine and ephedra – this kept me going. So, how can someone cope with this new workplace? 


Functional Nutrition, Stress Management and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.  For more on Functional Nutrition click here: “Functional Nutrition”

Most people will assume that functional nutrition is only for people that have a vast array of symptoms – the main one being fatigue.  This notion is the furthest from the truth.  Functional Nutrition is a great way to “level up” in life and “dial in”.  It is a way to optimize your nutrition, hormones, immune system, detoxification system, and digestion.    The benefits are as follows:

  • Increase energy and motivation
  • Lose fat and gain muscle
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Improve skin and hair
  • Achieve restorative deep sleep
  • Boost immune function
  • Look and feel younger

This change in the body creates health and wealth.  More energy leads to great productivity.  More mental clarity leads to better decision making ability.  Greater fat loss and muscle gain leads to more self confidence. This combo is the recipe of success!

This program is for anyone who is looking to get ahead in life.  So whether you are a college student, a soccer mom, an employee of a small company, a corporate executive, an athlete, or an entrepreneur, this program is for you.

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