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While working as a functional nutritionist, holistic life coach and as a personal trainer, I begin to realize certain clients got better while others did not. Without question, the clients who improved the most were the ones working as close to the underlying cause as possible, and not simply treating the symptoms.

“It became apparent that the more we worked exclusively at the functional level, the better the outcome.”

Time and again, regardless of their original health complaints, clients were more confident and achieved better results when educated about function and healing, instead of only treating their symptoms. Using the minimum of relief care and maximizing improved function appeared to be the answer. Logically then, investigating malfunctions and seizing opportunities for healing became the focus.

Hear what one of our clients had to say:

Could not wait to share this with you as I am super impressed & excited at my results.  Today 115.4 and waist 25 can’t remember how long ago since I had that size waist.  Even have abs appearing just is just so fantastic. The results and life changes for me have been just amazing.  Thanks again for your fantastic training, supplement, and nutritional program.  It has helped me see the changes I needed to make to my life.  When I started this I never expected for so many things to make sense as to why I seemed to have less energy than most people.  This has truly helped my endometriosis as well which is something I have struggled to get under control.


The key to our success is getting to the root cause of the problem. People suffering from chronic stress related conditions, who have been chasing a solution for many years are welcome to explore this website thoroughly and make an appointment for a free telephone consultation at 310-720-8125 or email us at


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